this. right here. is my.


all. these girls. be on me. 


i don’t even really play video games that much but i am so attached to this peach icon i just can’t get rid of it. when i was a kid princess peach was my oc i wrote so much fanfiction about how she had this whole family and they were all murdered on a family trip when she was a baby and she should have died too but a power star became her heart and turned her hair yellow and she grew up not knowing she was a princess because random people from the land of wet and dry picked her up and raised her as their own and then one day shit went down and she discovered she could world jump using the power star inside of her so she became a badass renegade world jumping because the worlds were being ran amuck with fiends because of no one being on the throne and then she found out she was the princess and gave up her life of fighting crime for responsibility and learning how to be a princess







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They just don’t want you involved with agriculture I guess. But you can do whatever the hell you want and they can’t stop you. You just have to put up with their whining for awhile yet.

haha it’s not agriculture they’re against its just that they don’t think I’m super passionate about like what i specifically want to do in it. and I’m not?? yet? i don’t have like a childhood dream i am not naruto. But i think that’s fine like not everyone has a dead father to avenge yo just follow what you care about and can potentially make money off of and you will be fine thats my motto

you would think im getting too old for my parents to be giving me the ‘you should go to law school’ talk but here we are

TRACK: Dareka Umiwo


Zankyou no Terror - Ending (FULL)

Aimer - Dareka Umiwo 

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I just caught up with terror in tokyo. things. sure did happen.


The progression of his Free Time Events is just…

First: I like you. You’re pretty chill.

Second: That’s some pretty … interesting thoughts there, friend-o

Third: Okay, I feel you, Komaeda, but … Look, I’m gonna need you to stop.

Fourth: Look, I’m just gonna chalk you up as ‘emotionally traumatized’ because whoa— do you need a hug?  

Fifth: … You need a puppy real bad. And therapy. 

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#free_69min: ghibli! i worked really hard on these puns okay

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that picture of komaeda hugging himself saying everything will be fine as the building burns down around him is applicable to much of my life

haha i…. didn’t go to class this morning….