I got 2 hours of sleep last night and i woke up feeling fine and then i got to my first class and tried to read something and. i couldnt read it. i just kept staring at the paper and nothing happened


its all fun to change ur url to something festive but SOME of us have Brands to maintain

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The quazi all nighter ( i got 2.5 hours of sleep) went pretty well actally it turns out that the key to getting myself to do shit is to force myself to stay up untill im more tired and pissed off then anxious


as it is so boring, i decided not to get up.

wise choice.


150 year old Victorian prosthetic hand. 

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Halloween au where they dress in cheesy halloween costumes for some kind of school party or something

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I had a dream i went to anew school and was trying out clubs and peeps were trying to convince me to join the japanese language club and i was like nah probs not but i went for 1 day to see how it was just full of these asian dudes who could not speak japanese they sucked. So i was like not impressed and started to leave but then me and this dud sang a duet??? About something i dont remember?? Amd then i was like haha ok ill stay. And they were like yeeee the only downside is that we r right next to the nazi club amd i was like WHAT.
Also sekai from school days was my best friend and she had 5 kids

i relate to hinata so much. my first time through sdr2 in ch 6 when he was like ‘i am hajime hinata!!!’ and broke that gaudy ass cellphone i stood up and was like FUCK YEAH and then cried but it was beautiful


i don’t want to face any of this. i’m terrified.

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whats the most calming anime soundtrack in existence i need to listen to it for the next 4 hours

well im pulling an all nighter because im tired of my own shiT and im not going to bed until everything is done for the entire god damn week

It’s October!




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